Monday, August 7, 2017

SACCAGE - RÉCIDIVE pro tape brand new album

Don't sleep on this monster album.
SACCAGE - RÉCIDIVE brand new album from these ripping Satanic MotörDeathcrust speed demons from Québec, Canada.
Total onslaught speed & heaviness, This album is fucking vicious!
Pro cassette tape mastered for vinyl by Joel Grind / printed shell, dbl sided jcard , printed poster/lyric sheet. limited 125 copies.

please support and buy a copy.

WULFSKOL I am the Devil's Blood

ON SALE NOW! Lotus Of Darkness - The Naga Disguised As A Human tape

On sale now!
Lotus Of Darkness upcoming full-length album "The Naga Disguised As A Human" pro- cassette w/ fold out dbl sided jcard , Amazing Artwork By BBKill limited to 100 copies.
Mystic Epic yet raw Siamese Black Metal , three tracks clocking in at just over 50 minutes. from Members of the mighty Death/Doom act SHAMBLES.

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Cvltist - demo II pro tape early winter

The next half of 2017 will be TOTAL WAR!
All out blackened war for the next half of 2017. von frost released the first demo by Cult act from Spain Cvltist so naturally vfr will release the 2nd demo of pure cult black metal attack from the cosmos with a little von & Impaled Nazarene influence in the sound.
Pro tape coming early winter.

ON SALE NOW! Praeternigma - Demo MXVI tape

POISON MIST PROPAGANDA / von frost records alliance bring forth the Mysterious dark black death metal of Praeternigma.
Pro tape with fold out jcard.

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Wargrinder - In Suicidal Triumph pro cassette tape

Total annihilation power and brutality .... savage grinding war metal. Pro cassette tape this Fall. jcards are at the printers & tape is sent to the manufacturer.

Look for it SEPT 13th. 


OLD SCHOOL METAL OF DEATH! Crawling from the rotting tomb this Sept on pro tape limited 100 copies.
Look for it SEPT 13th.